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Saving the History
New Thought Churches

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During a recent INTA Conference hosted by Rev. Alice Brown at The Living Truth Center for Better Living in Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Blaine Mays and Rev. P. Joanna Rogers were reminiscing with anecdotes of past luminaries of the New Thought Movement. This included great teachers such as Dr. Sue Sikking, Dr. Lola Mays, Rev. Carmelita Trowbridge, and Dr. Sarah Akens. They were saddened that these names seemed no longer to ring a bell with the New Thoughters of today.


We are asking you to submit to us any anecdotes or information you may have, so that it will not be lost. Some treasures have been found in places like:

  • An old book that has a picture of its author in the front
  • An introduction to the writer by a compatriot
  • A newspaper article that gives biographical information
  • A birth date or time of passing of a person

Please email our Archivist at if you have a story to tell.


The title of the Conference was “Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone by Taking a Leap of Faith”.

On the Churches page is part of the history of one of the earliest temples founded by New Thought author, Christian Daa Larson. This demonstrates that “leap of faith” that was taken by so many of our early founders in the days when New Thought was young, and by many discredited. It would be wonderful to see young ministers and teachers of today, following their example and pioneering where there is no New Thought Group in existence. 

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